Program Application

Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
Cookie days 30 day(s)
Commission type Percent of Sale
Base commission 10.00%
Additional terms Commission is paid monthly. You must earn a minimum of $10 per month in commission or payment will roll over until at least $10 is earned. Payment is by your nominated option of Paypal or gift vouchers.

All sports have their special line of clothing and now disc has too. Dude Clothing has developed an exciting range of clothes that are
specially designed for disc sports.

Dude Clothing's range of shorts, polos, caps  and jackets are feature rich to help you play well and look good. From the breathable, light as air, 4 ways stretch fabrics, integrated towel attachment system, mini disc pockets, side pockets for quick access to score cards, high cut collar for extra sun protection and much more. Wearing Dude enables you to adapt easily to every action, every turn and every twist.

Dude means mate or friend across the world and is used as a term of connection in a fun loving way. The same goes for Dude
Clothing, connecting you to the game in a very special way.

Visit the Dude website at

Become a Dude Marketer and earn commission when you refer buyers to the Dude Clothing website and they purchase within 30 days of referral.

Your role as a Dude Marketer is promoting our great range to your friends and associates in appropriate ways through messaging, blogging, website banners, social media, etc. we provide a special tracking code to include in your message or banner so your referral can be recognized by our software.


The sign-up process is very simple. Complete your Dude Marketing application form and we will send an email to confirm your welcome to the Dude Marketing program. We use a program called Refersion to manage our affiliate and sales tracking program.

Earning money

Once you have registered you will get a tracking code and we will explain how to use it when you send messages out to your contacts. If a purchase is made within 30 days of the purchaser visiting the site as a result of your referral, Dude will approve payment of commission. You will be paid for sales, excluding shipping, taxes and returns.

How do we track your referrals?

When a customer clicks on one of your promotional links, tracking mechanisms called cookies are dropped onto that visitors computer or device. You will earn your commission on their purchase if they proceed within 30 days. If a person
has cookies turned off in their browser, the link can't be tracked and the sale won’t be recognized. Additionally, Refersion only works for products sold on It won’t work if you refer to other sites selling Dude.

The final click will earn the commission. If a user clicks on your link, but doesn’t complete the transaction and then comes back by another affiliate link you will not earn a percentage on the sale.

We encourage our Dude Marketers  to promote our high quality products and also the core philosophy of our brand to
encourage potential customers purchase our products.

How you will get paid?

You will be paid each month directly to your supported PayPal account. Or, if you prefer, you can elect to receive Dude Gift Vouchers to the
value of 120% of what you would be paid in commission. So, for instance a
$100 commission would earn you a $120 gift voucher instead.

You must earn at least US$10 per month in commission or it will roll over to the next month.